Don't Be Fooled

by Audrey Bean

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released October 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Audrey Bean Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Grotesquely Childish!
Uncomfortably Pleasant!
Highly Inappropriate!
i was born in a bog with a plastic spork in my mouth, a sphinx without a secret.
You'll wish I didn't fit yer fancy.
Book me prease now; I sweep the nation.
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Track Name: Bones
was a'swirlin my skirts all around and
swallowing the sun
meanwhile my menses was building a home fer someone
sandwinds wispy billowing they stung my eyes
& i was thrust into this world thrust in by surprise
now i'm beginning to feel these bones.

i just want to live without a victim & someone to call me "home"
i would love to be alive but it feels better off alone
cause i'm beginning to feel these bones

don't make it bad i said. don't make it bad!
but yer sloppy cosmic monologue was the best thing that i had
so won't ya come back home to me?
Track Name: Flowers
i look at myself i'm running on a track i'm running on a track
WHOO! look at me go.
i look in my head i'm looking back i keep looking back
& it don't help me no.
i fear the high shelves while i'm stretching up to stack
i've been stretching up just to stack the dirt behing my ears
at least im not the monster you wear as a mask
you wear a tough mask dear but i've seen ya in the mirror

i hope my dreams are coming true & i'm not falling out
i hope my feet are treading true & i'm not stumbling down

who was the softie & who had the crooked eye?
i like yer scars. i think they compliment mine.
who held the whip & who bore the bloodshed?
you put the flowers in my hair.
now fruit flies swarm around my head.
but you didn't know the color of my frock.
so now i suit my frock to fit yer flowers.

but i hope yer dreams are coming true & yer not falling out.
i hope yer feet are treading true until they crumble down
into bone dust

the sheets don't stain up on their own behind the ghosts
all the bugs are coming. you invited them.
come on & be a good host.
who ate the pansies & who'm i to exhale now?
all the bugs are drawn to me & i can't keep the water down
but you didn't know the color of my frock
i lost my form to suit my frock to fit yer flowers

i hope my dreams are coming true & i'm not falling out
i hope my feet are treading true until they crumble down
into bone dust
Track Name: Mother
i love my mother!
but i tell her when her batter is bitter from using bitter butter
i love my mother

i did not obey my mother
i resented any means of control
i love my mother
but sometimes it was bittersweet
i struggle too with the mirror when we meet

blame is a demon i am facing
blame is a demon i am facing.
you should face it too.

you been screwin around with my groove
but what mommy says to do is always right
is ALWAYS right!?
well any word i manage to slip in edgewise comes out like a fight

but hey! i got things to do too & didn't you
ever think that i might
not want yer life
Track Name: Peter Pan
you was my Peter Pan
at least fer a short while
when i was a child, i went to bed dressed in my Sunday's best
hoping Peter Pan would come along & make me his Wendy
well i guess i haven't changed much
but now that i know the touch
i know its better than i ever could have dreamed fer
i know what yer thinking now
and i don't wana be Tinker Bell this time
it's a melancholy feeling to know that
noone can save me from the timeline